Reading List 2010

I read a lot. Problem is that I read a lot and then forget some of the books I’ve read which is slightly annoying. I also have a wee bit of a problem in that I buy far too many books (incapable of going into a decent bookshop and not buying anything)(I say ‘decent’ because lots of bookshops these days seem to stock nothing but the latest popular drivel) so the hope is that by keeping a record of what I read it will somehow force me into reading more.

Rules (because there must always be rules)

  1. Any book that I give up on will be listed but with a note after it explaining why I stopped (boredom/awful writing/etc et)
  2. Any re-reads will also be noted (though these will generally just be approximations because I’ve no idea how many times I’ve read some of them.


  1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson
  2. The Girl Who Played With Fire – Stieg Larsson
  3. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest – Stieg Larsson
  4. Lords and Ladies – Terry Pratchett (for the nth time)
  5. Wintersmith – Terry Pratchett
  6. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell – Susanna Clarke
  7. Wise Children – Angela Carter
  8. Wyrd Sisters – Terry Pratchett (for the nth time)
  9. Witches Abroad – Terry Pratchett (again, nth time. Was having a Discworld Witches binge)
  10. Jamaica Inn – Daphne du Maurier
  11. A Single Man – Christopher Isherwood
  12. Goodbye to Berlin – Christopher Isherwood
  13. The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugenides
  14. The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories – Susanna Clarke
  15. Lost – Gregory Maguire (an odd book, not quite sure what I think just yet)
  16. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ – Phillip Pullman
  17. A Room With a View – EM Forster
  18. Oryx & Crake – Margaret Atwood
  19. The Unicorn – Iris Murdoch
  20. Under The Ivy: The Life and Music of Kate Bush – Graeme Thomson
  21. American Gods – Neil Gaiman
  22. Between the Acts – Virginia Woolf
  23. Room – Emma Donoghue
  24. The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters
  25. Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? –  James Shapiro
  26. La Dame aux camélias – Alexandre Dumas, fils
  27. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet – David Mitchell
  28. The Slap – Christos Tsiolkas
  29. Midnight Tides – Steven Erikson (2nd time)
  30. Human Chain – Seamus Heaney (this is ongoing, really. You can’t read poetry in the same way as a novel)
  31. The Comforters – Muriel Spark
  32. I Shall Wear Midnight – Terry Pratchett
  33. The Bonehunters – Steven Erikson (first time I’ve read the whole thing but I’ve got halfway through at least 3 times before. Feels good to finally read the damn thing.)
  34. Towers of Midnight – Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
  35. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
  36. Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade – Patrick Dennis
  37. One Day – David Nicholls

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